The Writing Hour is a writers’ collective based in Baltimore, MD that aims to create a community among writers and provide a space for busy people to work on their projects. It’s perfect for people who:

  • Want to carve out a regular time to work on their writing
  • Benefit from the motivation of working in the presence of other writers
  • Want to connect with fellow writers in the Baltimore area

We host a variety of events geared toward writers: bi-monthly Writing Hour to work on projects, a monthly (or so) All Day Writing Retreat, weekday evening Submissions Parties for submitting to lit mags/editors/agents for publishing, and Critique Nights. We also have a lit mag, End of 83, that’s currently open to submissions.

Get in touch. Email writinghour@gmail.com or reach us on facebook, meetup, and twitter.

Or if you like what we do, consider supporting us on Patreon so we can continue to bring writers together and create more great events.