November Events

Here is a list of our events for November:

  • Writing Hour, Sunday 10a – 2p at HI Baltimore: 11/6, 11/20

  • All Day Writing Retreat, Sunday 10a – 6p at HI Baltimore: 11/27 — this is a potluck

  • Coffee at Night/Peer Share Night, Wednesday 7p – 9p-ish at The Bun Shop on Light St.: 11/9

There will probably be one or two additional peer share sessions, still to be scheduled, but most likely at the same location.

Find all these events on the calendar.

And if you’re interested in a regular NaNoWriMo evening meet, drop us a line and, if there’s a nucleus of committed folks, we can make it happen. Don’t be shy, even if you haven’t come to one of our events before. 4-5 people would be enough to get it started.

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