Submissions Party, Resources for Writers, and Final December 2016 Events

Last week we held our first Submissions Party and it was wildly successful! That is to say, a handful of people got together and spent the evening looking up/sending our work to literary journals and other outlets, and commiserating about such, over coffee and beer.

Finding good outlets, putting together a plan for submitting your work (you should), and actually submitting the work takes a lot of time – more a few hours over one evening. We’ll be having a part 2 at the same time and place next week for those who want more time to finish up their submissions for the month.

If you can’t make that, this will likely become a regular, monthly or every other month event. It really is great for staying on track.

And anytime you want, check out our updated Writers’ Resources page that has links for lit mag and press databases, curated lists of places to submit to, resources for writers in the DMV, Baltimore area literary magazines, recommended reading material, and pretty much anything you as a writer could ask for except guaranteed publication and externally derived willpower (for that, and to reap the benefits of benign peer pressure, come to our events).

This resource list is by no means complete, so if you have any useful resources to add, especially if you are a Baltimore area lit mag or organization, let us know.

The 12/18 Writing Hour and 12/21 Submissions Party: Part 2 will be our last events for 2016 before a winter break. Check our calendar again in early 2017. We’ll likely restart meetups in mid-late January.

And make sure to listen to this album because it’s one of the best and I’m listening to it right now.

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